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Nov 1, 2018

On this episode, Ryan and I had a chance to speak about the following:

  • Starting off as a licensed mechanic, building armoured cars and transitioning to real estate after getting bored
  • Self-teaching how to renovate through Youtube, TV shows and reading books
  • Switching his focus from short term to long term investing
  • How is business is currently structured
  • Real estate money is made in the purchase, specifically off market deals
  • Financing properties after reaching a cap with traditional banks
  • Borrowing private funds versus having a co-venturer (joint venture)
  • The importance of relationships and your reputation
  • Using bandit signs and other methods to generate off market deals (door knocking, mailers, posters)
  • The impact of social media on his business
  • Giving without any expectations
  • The vertical split method

Ryan is always willing to share and help other, if you’d like to reach him, you may do so at