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May 15, 2023

Andrea and her husband John Paul began investing in real estate in 2009. Over the last decade they have grown their portfolio to consist of a variety of investment properties, including straight rentals, rent-to-owns, duplexes, commercial units and more recently pre-construction condos, cottage properties and joint ventures. In addition to these investments they both share a love for home renovations and have taken on extensive projects of their personal homes. Andrea manages their portfolio and is always very hands-on with renovations. On this episode, we discuss:

Working as a bartender in Toronto and Niagara Falls

Buying her first rental property in 2009 and doing a rent-to-own

How she dealt with the tenant from hell in a Hamilton duplex

Breaking down her current portfolio, including a 4000SF commercial unit, 2 cottages and more

Her experience with a pre-construction project in Niagara

You can reach out to Andrea on Instagram @andreamcdonald_homes

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