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Jun 15, 2023

Mike Beer is a highly accomplished real estate investor who has triumphed over numerous obstacles in his relentless pursuit of financial independence. Originally from Poland, Mike Beer and his family immigrated to Canada, which eventually led him to uncover his unwavering passion for real estate investment. 

With a focus on apartment buildings in Ontario, Mike wholeheartedly dedicates himself to empowering his investors to secure a prosperous financial future for their loved ones—an opportunity they genuinely deserve. 

During our conversation, he generously shares his invaluable insights on striking a delicate balance between freedom and responsibility when entrusted with managing investors' funds, while also recounting his own personal journey towards attaining financial freedom.

In this episode 155 of the Well Off podcast, we discuss the following:
  • The powerful impact of comprehensive due diligence in real estate investment.
  • Harmonizing liberties and responsibilities in managing investors' capital.
  • Deal syndication and passive investing opportunities.
  • Recognizing the shifting landscape of the real estate sector amidst the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Acquiring knowledge on creating lasting wealth for generations with prudent real estate ventures.
You can reach out to Mike by visiting

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