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Oct 5, 2023

Jack Bernstein is a serial entrepreneur and established real estate investor with an impressive journey rich with experiences to share. As a child growing up in Mississauga, he was surrounded the better things in life, sparking curiosity about a life beyond his own. After a short career as a professional snowboarder, he launched a startup at the age of 18. For five years, he navigated the stormy seas of business, learning and growing with each hurdle.

However, it wasn't until a stint in tech sales that Jack discovered the allure of real estate. He noticed his coworkers, despite earning hefty paychecks, lived humble lives, with the bulk of their money flowing into real estate investments. This revelation was a turning point for Jack, leading him to purchase his first duplex in Oakville in 2017. Today, he has built a substantial portfolio with properties worth over $12 million. His innovative approach to real estate can be a useful learning curve for all aspiring investors. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:
  • Understanding the vital role of mentorship and guidance in a journey to success.
  • Effective real estate investing strategies from the lessons Jack learned.
  • Scaling from residential to commercial real estate through strategic partnerships with experts.
  • Impact of interest rates and market conditions in real estate and how to act prudently.
  • Evolving future of homeownership and transition trends in the rental market.

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