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Aug 17, 2023

Cameron Griffith is a real estate maverick who unexpectedly stumbled upon the secrets of profitable investing. Hailing from a large family in Ontario's heart, his journey commenced when he channelled his competitive spirit during a recession by purchasing a wartime home. Little did he know that this would begin his remarkable venture into real estate.

Balancing his successful elevator business alongside property investments, his unyielding determination paved the way for new opportunities. As the pandemic emerged, he fearlessly embraced rental arbitrage and the Airbnb model, skillfully transforming challenges into promising prospects. Witnessing the potential in this approach, he strategically leveraged it into a thriving enterprise.

Now, with his eyes set beyond the borders of Canada, he is determined to establish his stronghold in the American property rental space, showcasing both his tenacity and the power of intuitive real estate investing.

In this episode, we discuss the following:
  • Intricate paths of successful real estate investing experiences.
  • The decisive advantages of rental arbitrage and the innovative Airbnb approach.
  • The intriguing elements of Toronto's rental market and its potential opportunities.
  • The art of securing favourable rental contracts to fortify your investment strategy.
  • Creating a prosperous Airbnb business and enhancing its profitability.
You can contact Cameron through 24-hour call line: 289-635-1622 or visit the following:
Instagram: @camerongriffith88

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