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Sep 7, 2023

To solve the housing issues faced in Canada will require innovation. Our guest this week, Ben Julius, approaches the challenges of land use and best building use with a creativity that sees a 91 lot land development turn into 132 lots and unit space for 1200 square foot apartments turn into two apartments leveraging technology. 

As an active real estate developer and founder of Lionheart Development, a thriving land development company based in Southern Ontario, Ben is the go-to guy for liaising between planners, construction companies, and municipalities looking for more affordable housing options. 

His journey into real estate began in 2017 when he successfully joined multiple parcels of land and managed to rezone a property from housing 91 units to a whopping 132 units. His distinct approach has seen him oversee projects with impressive assets under management of $200 million. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:
  • From Ben's professional basketball coaching experience, discipline and adaptability play a crucial role in entrepreneurship.
  • Ben's unconventional solution to the construction industry's labour shortage—leveraging the potential of incarcerated individuals.
  • Revolutionary ways of maximizing equity accessibility and innovative designs in real estate based on Ben's viewpoints on mortgage products.
  • How to navigate obstacles and alter strategies in real estate development, inspired by Ben's experience with project redesign and exit strategies.
You can contact Ben at or find him on social media.

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