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Aug 24, 2023

Darren Voros is a seasoned real estate investor and developer with an innate grasp of the intricate dynamics inherent to property investing. His trajectory is as remarkable as it is unique, transitioning from a globetrotting musical theatre luminary to an adept and hands-on real estate magnate.

From his formative years gracing stages worldwide to orchestrating the management of a robust real estate portfolio valued at $30 million, his narrative resounds with echoes of passion and unwavering perseverance. As a self-made entrepreneur who has meticulously cultivated over two decades of investment acumen, he exemplifies resilience and unyielding entrepreneurial zeal. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:
  • Secrets to prosperous real estate development.
  • Strategies to increase your revenue and minimize loss in real estate investments.
  • Benefits of adding garden suites and laneway suites to your property.
  • Potential impact of legislative changes on the multi-unit properties.
  • Strategic property additions and commercial financing to enhance your property's worth. 
You can contact Darren at or find him on social media.

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