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Feb 22, 2022

Jesse is the VP of Business Development at Calvert Home Mortgage - short-term mortgage lender in Alberta and Ontario. He focuses on creating solutions for Real Estate Investors through Calvert’s flexible mortgage options. Their goal is to provide options that will keep you coming back! On this episode, we discuss:


Feb 15, 2022

Erwin Szeto is a talented man to say the least. He founded a successful real estate team focused on investment properties, he manages a large real estate investment portfolio, he has one of the top business podcasts in Canada and runs the “Stock Hacker Academy”. He’s also a major contributor to the “Hamilton...

Feb 10, 2022

Jayson Lowe is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Financial. His team helps people “become their own banker”, a system developed by the late R. Nelson Nash. This strategy revolves around life insurance. On this episode, we discuss:


Advice Jayson received from his father that has always stuck with him

An overview of...

Feb 1, 2022

Randall is an investor and realtor. He started off in the restaurant industry, even becoming the manager at The Drake Hotel. Things changed for him when he realized he could change his life by investing intelligently. He currently owns dozens of units in just a short few years. Randall holds properties in Peterborough,...