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Aug 22, 2022

Casey Grey is a custom home builder based out of Ottawa, ON. He specializes in creating energy efficient homes. He’s also a husband and father. On this episode, we discuss:


The benefits of using solar panels 

Energy efficient heating - air source heat pump systems

R70 insulation and a technical breakdown


Aug 15, 2022

Patrick Francey: Owner/CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network/(REIN Canada) Since 2012, Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Educator, and Coach Since 1984 Patrick Francey has been an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses.  Patrick and his wife Steffany continue to expand their real estate portfolio while...

Aug 8, 2022

Luca and Sal started investing in real estate when they were in university each purchasing a condo in Toronto. They are now building their real estate business full time with a focus on acquiring distressed properties throughout Southern Ontario to wholesale, flip or add to their rental portfolio. On this episode, we...

Aug 1, 2022

Paul Punnoose is a coach, student rental, multi-unit, wholesale and flip investor. His latest acquisition includes a 20 unit building which he purchased with a VTB (vendor take back mortgage). On this episode, we discuss:


How he got started in real estate investing

His wholesaling strategy - dealing with sellers in...