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Sep 7, 2021

Josh Doyle is a 30 year old entrepreneur and real estate investor. While working for Mattamy homes, he decided he wants to escape the rat race. This led to him purchasing his first property (from the builder) in 2014. This purchase forced him to repair his credit and led to him identifying ways to create wealth through real estate. Today, Josh has 10 properties and 30 rental units, he has achieved financial freedom! On this episode, we discuss:


Working for Mattamy homes as a general labourer

Repairing his credit and purchasing a home without having financing in place

Break down of his recent Hamilton Triplex - removing 2 of the tenants, renovating and generating over $5,500 in monthly rent

Josh’s current projects - triplex and duplex conversion


You can reach out to Josh on instagram @joshdoyleinvests


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