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Feb 7, 2023

Jesse Fragale is a realtor with Avison Young commercial. He’s also a real estate investor and has been investing in real estate for over 10 years with a focus on multiresidential properties.  Jesse’s also the host of the “working capital” real estate podcast and provides real estate content on his...

Feb 1, 2023

Dan & Nick are real estate investors and professionals that aim to educate and build a national community of the next generation of Canadian real estate investors. Their podcast is data driven and aims to provide valuable truths about investing that is enjoyed by a monthly audience of 50,000 and growing. On this...

Jan 20, 2023

Alla Ladygina and Sharon Caetano are Ontario real estate investors that recently formed the Canadian Real Estate Women’s Association - a non profit association registered at a federal level.  On this episode, we discuss:


Sharon and Alla’s backgrounds and real estate investment journeys

How Sharon got involved in...

Dec 15, 2022

Michael Zanzini is the Lead Mortgage Agent at BM Select and has been working primarily with investors for over 8 years. He manages portfolio structuring and strategic sessions for investors. On this episode, we discuss:


The recent rate announcement and the impact he’s seeing

40 year amortization - will it...

Dec 8, 2022

Alfonso Salemi is the co-founder of JAAG Properties. They specialize in Rent to Own and have had over 240 successful projects. JAAG works with mortgage brokers, realtors and tenants to conduct a successful rent-to-own. On this episode, we discuss:


Growing the company to 8 full time employees

Today’s market impact on...