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Nov 23, 2023

Despite your best efforts to navigate the complexities of the landlord-tenant relationship in Ontario, you may find yourself stuck in a cycle of ineffective communication and costly legal battles. Your attempts to enforce lease agreements and resolve conflicts may be met with resistance, leading to a breakdown in trust and an unsustainable rental business.

Advocacy has always been my passion, and now I advocate for landlords to ensure fair and equitable landlord-tenant relationships. - Glenn Gosling

Joining us on this week's episode is Glenn Gosling, a paralegal at Caveat LLP with a wealth of knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant law in Ontario. With a background in healthcare advocacy and a passion for fighting for the rights of both landlords and tenants, Glenn brings a unique perspective to the table. Having grown up in Ottawa and spent several years in the UK, Glenn's diverse background and international experience have shaped his understanding of the complexities of the landlord-tenant relationship. 

Whether you're a landlord looking to navigate the legal landscape or a tenant seeking to understand your rights, his expertise will provide you with valuable insights and practical advice. 

Please tune in to this episode as we dive into non-payment of rent, late payments, and other common issues landlords face in Ontario. Get ready to gain a better understanding of the landlord-tenant relationship and learn how to manage your rental property effectively.

In this episode, you will be able to:
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Ontario for a smoother landlord-tenant relationship.
  • Discover an online portal that simplifies the process of filing applications, saving you time and hassle.
  • Learn how to navigate rent increases and lease renewals effectively, ensuring fairness for both parties.
  • Navigate eviction notices and legal processes confidently, following the proper procedures.
  • Gain insight into typical inconsistencies in the Landlord and Tenant Board and how to address them, ensuring fairness and justice for all parties involved.

You can contact Glenn by visiting or find him in social media.

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