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Jan 17, 2024

Michael Lombardi shares how his experience in other fields helped him get into real estate investments. His journey in real estate investment began in Toronto in 2016 with a triplex house hack, progressing through a series of moves including an accidental BRRR in Brantford and multiple conversion projects in Welland. Adding value through intentional renovations has been central to his strategy. The influence of his family, particularly his mother, a career property manager, has been invaluable. Michael’s real estate endeavours have been punctuated by both learning curves and small wins, with a portfolio now including 7 properties and 16 units.


In this Episode, you’ll be able to

- Understand the process and benefits of house hacking a Toronto triplex 

- Understand how to leverage using HELOCs

- Learn about acquiring property outside of the Greater Toronto Area and outsourcing property management companies 

- Learn about the benefits of adding a basement suite to a bungalow 



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